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my cd and cd single wish list, the introduction

here are the cds and cd singles for which i'm currently hunting, plus the odd cassette and video.   please email me if you have any of them and are willing to trade or sell them:

band title format label
arab strap quiet violence cd triptych
cave, nick good songs cd5s mute/france
click click i rage, i melt cd3 pias
curve superblaster cs5 anxious
dance chapter when the spirit moves them cass pleasantly surprised
dif juz time clock turn back cass pleasantly surprised
other two (steven and gillian) loved it - the old factory cd factory
various chansons noel - ghosts of xmas past cass crepusucle
various some bizarre cd some bizarre/sire
xmal deutschland viva cd polygram

why not check out the martin hannett page that i maintain with my friend anna?