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my 7" sale list

here are the 7" singles that i'm currently selling. please contact me if you have any of them and are willing to trade them:

band title info label price
!!! the dis-ease 1998 single from the out hud partners sound-virus 4
!forward, russia! eighteen ltd. ed clear vinyl dance to the radio 4
18th dye coffee cup revisited great 2 track indie single quixotic 4
accelera deck 7ep brilliant minimal electro on red vinyl with hand-painted portrait inserts english muffin 6
(*) adam & the ants friends rare unreleased adam tracks with insert and lyrics do it 4
add n to (x) plug me in limited single with "the vic hallam system" bside mute 5
add n to (x) revenge of the black regent limited single with a cover of iron man on the bside mute 5
adult high heels on tile floors (the controlled edition) limited electro single (1271 of 2000) ersatz 6
after the fire der komissar brilliant falco track with bside, no p/s epic 1
air californie limited flexi agnes b 4
dot allison mo' pop limited promo vinyl with melted (edit) heavenly 5
altered images a day's wait fab severin produced scottish single epic 4
amp get there/remember super-rare, limited edition godlike recording that didn't translate on cd - on 3ef's label linda's strange vacation 6
a.m.p. studio misstype dolittle limited earworm 5
a.m.p. studio slip/tiller limited amberley 5
a.m.p. studio studio ep super limited shoegaze wonder colourful clouds for acoustics 5
and also the trees the secret sea original single with secrecy reflex 6
angels of light praise your name fab post swans project! stripmine 5
apartment patience is proving limited single b/w june/july (live) fierce panda 5
arcade fire neighborhood #3 - power out limited gilded single with david byrne on the bside! rough trade 5
arcade fire neighborhood #3 - power out limited gilded single with august session on the bside! rough trade 5
a.r. kane pop ex-4ad, great song rough trade 4
arno kleni over u & i don't wanna know rare single from their show cause co-motion 4
(x)associates white car in germany classic single from the recently deceased (cover slightly creased) situation 2 4
autolux live at kexp ep w/ plant life and asleep at the trigger red ink 4
b-52s rock lobster jukebox 7 with 6060-842 bside! wb 1
baby shambles killamangiro amazing ep by pete! rough trade 6
baby shambles fuck forever bside black boy lane rough trade 6
battle children double single in gatefold with 2 bsides and a remix transgressive 8
bauhaus telegram sam rare single - ad17! 4ad 5
bis kid cut demo rare demo with lyrics sheet chemikal undergound 5
bis kkeerroolleeeenn b/w rollerblade zero and team theme grand royal 5
bis the secret vampire soundtrack rare early tracks! chemikal undergound 5
bitter springs its business limited wurltizer jukebox 5
black heart procession between the machines very rare great 2001 ep suicide squeeze 6
black man white man dead man s/t olympia-based punk thin the herd 3
black rebel motorcycle club stop b/w high and low virgin 4
black rebel motorcycle club love burns gatefold 4-song rare early single virgin 10
black rebel motorcycle club rifles gatefold 4-song rare early single virgin 10
black rebel motorcycle club whatever happened to my rock n. roll gatefold 4-song rare early single virgin 10
bleach shotgun great female-fronted shoegaze musidisc 3
bloc party helicopter/skeleton rare early single on green vinyl witchita 5
bloc party little thoughts/storm and stress rare early single on blue vinyl witchita 5
blonde redhead symphony of treble produced by guy from fugazi touch n go 5
boys don't cry i wanna be a cowboy hi-larious novelty single profile 1
bravery live unconditional/honest mistake on a rare as hell promo single loog 6
british sea power it ended on an oily stage b/w it ended on an oily stage rough trade 5
british sea power please stand up b/w gale warnings rough trade 5
british whale this town ain't big enough for both of us gatefold clear vinyl, with poster atlantic 4
broadcast america's boy incredibly limited warp 7" warp 5
buzzfish menthol limted 3-song single from dc bedazzled 4
cabaret voltaire silent command rare early rough trade single rt035 rough trade 5
capital city the sound/national landmark on gold vinyl near by music 3
cath carroll moves like you 7" version b/w too good to live vocal mix factory 8
cause co-motion baby don't do it ep 4-track ep what's your rupture? 4
chicks on speed mind your own business extraordinary delta 5 cover go records 5
cinema they nicknamed me evil supercool 7" with lockgroove soundtrack bside! domino 4
class always all done ep with wedding present and blur covers! double agent 5
cloud room blackout! b/w o my love gigantic 4
coldharbourstores a day gone by pink coloured vinyl! rocketgirl 6
the collapse of the sine wave thrilling amazing, limited aphex twin side project reflex 8
colourbox breakdown one b/w tarantula 4ad 6
c-pij nostik 2 lone swordsmen side project, limited pressing, electronic noise c-pij 6
cranes moon city (demo)/it's a beautiful world beautiful spanish only single on clear vinyl elefant 8
creatures right now fantastic rare single with "weathercade" polydor 6
creatures 2nd floor brilliant dance song on ultra-limited green vinyl sioux 5
(x) creatures wild things double gatefold with hot pics of budgie and siouxsie in the shower... polydor 7
cul de sac the portland cement factory rare instrumental earworm 6
damon and naomi the navigator gorgeous packaging, 500 copies only earworm 10
darkness love is only a feeling limited edition picture disk atlantic 6
dart bugger   che 3
dart sleepless colored vinyl che 3
dead 60's you're not the law red vinyl with bside epic 4
dead or alive number 11/namegame incredibly rare single with the original lineup, but no sleeve inevitable 4
kelley deal trixie delicious limited single shangri-la 4
delays hey girl b/w zero zero one - well out of print rough trade 4
delays hideaway b/w beautiful boy rough trade 4
delays lost in a melody b/w one night away live rough trade 4
delays valentine b/w talking me down rough trade 4
delta 5 anticipation b/w you rough trade 7
departure lounge johnny a/fortunato with tim keegan on vocals! grimsey 5
dombrace i'm down great french single virgin 4
john dowie it's hard to be an egg colored vinyl w. feather - fac 19 - hannett production factory 6
dream city film club nerveshot raw final single on white vinyl beggars banquet 6
echo and the bunnymen pictures on my wall first single, with the drum machine zoo 6
editors bullets b/w the extraordinary "time to slow down" kitchenware 5
editors all sparks b/w someone says (acoustic) kitchenware 5
terry edwards boots off!! totally weird gallon drunk offshoot wiiija 5
terry edwards ice cream for crow yellow vinyl edition of 500 b/w tailgating wiiija 5
electroscope unhappy soul ltd. single with suzanne rhatigan and 3 fab bsides! lissys 5
electroscope follow the rainbow ltd. single on tinseltones tinseltones 5
extreme noise terror are you that desperate RARE klf collaborators speed/death vegan metal from hell crust 6
fat truckers teenage daughter b/w multiplex, their best song cercle 7
field music if only the moon were up limited single b/w i'm tired memphis industry 5
flowchart hollow sky ep white vinyl, sundays cover! burnt hair 6
for against don't do me any favors no. 677 i.p.r. 6
franz ferdinand do you want to b/w get away domino 4
franz ferdinand michael b/w simon bookish remix domino 4
frazier chorus typical! rare 7" with wonderful vocal unreleased bside "string"! virgin 5
futureheads hounds of love b/w man made (a mistake) 679 5
futureheads meantime b/w spoilt for choice 679 5
futureheads decent days and nights (live) b/w the city and piece of crap live 679 6
futureheads decent days and nights b/w appreciate the effort 679 5
future toys perfect strangers duran duran-esque greatness b/w dancing undercover s+t 5
bruce gilbert instant shed vol. 1 limited subpop 10
gist this is love amazing post-young marble giants single rough trade 7
the go american pig killers labelmates! lizard king 7
goodbooks walk with me deleted limited single b/w start/stop transgressive 7
the go! team doing it right b/w willow's song memphis industries 5
the go! team doing it right b/w yo majesty remix memphis industries 5
the go! team ladyflash b/w kevin shield remix memphis industries 5
grenadine christiansen with warren defever! teenbeat 4
grinderman no pussy blues #840 w/ poster and chain of flowers memphis industries 5
the gun club walkin' with the beast b/w secret fires sympathy for the record industry 5
gyro central detention centre rare hannett production - no p/s rabid 4
paul haig blue flexi! masterbag 5
paul hartnoll feat. robert smith please b/w remix kids 5
heartworms fire engine red dc band b/w glare brittle stars 4
his name is alive universal frequency   4ad 4
his name is alive how ghosts affect relationships/if july ultra rare promo single (hnia 1) 4ad 12
holloways two left feet yellow vinyl b/w aspirin electrola 8
hood photographers brilliant three song ep misplaced music 6
hot club de paris shipwreck remix b/w scouse house remix matador 5
hafdis huld tomoko b/w fucked up mind mvine 5
human league mirror man picture disc b/w gold virgin 5
interpol slow hands b/w britt daniel remix matador 5
interpol c'mere b/w not even jail (daniel kessler remix) matador 5
interpol c'mere b/w narc (paul banks remix) matador 5
james so many ways fantastic 86 single w/withdrawn sire 5
january all time limited debut single - with sarah peacock one day rover 6
japan interview rare early interview picture disc! japan 1 6
johanna's house of glamour forever autumn cocteau-ish indie c'est la mort 4
juno magnified and reduced by inches fantastic postpunk/emo jade tree 4
juno all your friends are comedians another great postpunk/emo single mag wheel 4
kaiser chiefs i predict a riot fully autographed, b/w take my temperature b unique 10
killers smile like you mean it b/w ruby, don't take your love to town (radio 1 session) lizard king 5
killers all these things that i've done gatefold single with a poster and andy, you're a star (radio 1 session) lizard king 6
kills love is a deserter b/w magazine domino 5
kills the good ones b/w baby's eyes domino 5
kills pull a u limited edition vinyl only with the search for cherry red domino 6
king biscuit time c i am 15 b/w junior mason remix no style 4
king biscuit time c i am 15 b/w c. swing remix no style 4
klang love rare limited edition single from ex-elastica for us 6
knifehandchop dancemix2000/don't say a word legendary mutant pop single! irritant 6
kosmonautentraum liebesmuhn ultra rare deutsche welle single zickzack 12
kubichek! nightjoy limited edition with black button fantastic plastic 8
kubichek! taxi limited edition b/w red tape fantastic plastic 6
ladyfuzz hold up red vinyl b/w there's women in studio 1 transgressive 8
ladyfuzz bouncy ball b/w tricycle? bicycle? icicle! transgressive 6
ladyfuzz bouncy ball statik remix and bloc party remix transgressive 6
large number the now defunct delaware b/w pink jazz and delia white label music 5
ladytron sugar die-cut sleeve, red vinyl b/w fighting in built up areas island 8
clive langer even though limited single b/w instrumental creation 6
lfo we are back rare early (1991) single warp 6
libertines what became of the likely lads b/w boys in the band live rough trade 6
libertines can't stand me now b/w (i've got) sweets rough trade 6
libertines up the racket b/w boys in the band rough trade 6
amy linton and stewart anderson the lights are out fantastic w/ track from 1-sided 7" 555/slumberland 4
lodger let her go on the long blondes label, b/w we come from the same place angular recording corporation 6
log letters drum set five tracks, copy 400 of 1000, amazing packaging hi-ball records 5
longview vs mogwai in a dream rare one sided promo single sam 6
loop torched rare flexi disc! the catalogue 6
lotion head   kokopop 5
love is all busy doing nothing b/w motorboat parlophone 6
love is all make out remixed b/w spinning and scratching parlophone 5
lovers yeah/3145 hand # 0517, yellow vinyl hingley 5
lupine howl don't lose your head limited single from ex-spiritualized vinyl hiss 5
magnetophone air methods limited, first full single with amazing packaging and inserts static caravan 8
mapstation vain b/w vacant easugar jukebox 6
martha and the muffins chessies and gum gorgeous saville cover art dindisc 6
maximo park apply some pressure b/w i want you to leave warp 6
maximo park graffiti white vinyl b/w hammer horror warp 6
maximo park i want you to stay pt 1 turquoise vinyl b/w remix by field music warp 6
maximo park i want you to stay pt 2 turquoise vinyl b/w remix by christian vogel warp 6
mazarin wheats their most fabulous single - a brilliant song rocket girl 4
metrotone two spirals brilliant fsa-esque limited single myke droner 6
minimal compact it takes a lifetime rare early single with unreleased bside! crammed 4
modlang annie cool limited 1-sided single ? 6
(x) monochrome set strange boutique early dindisc din disc 18 3
mooney suzuki shake that bush again! b/w innaarluude columbia 4
morning after girls hi-skies b/w always mine best before 4
morrisey you have killed me b/w good looking man about town attak 5
motiv8 mission featuring summer d and cappa circa 1992 go! discs ltd. 5
mountain goats see america right brilliant new signing for a great label 4ad 6
national bandit omega omaga limited single b/w the wrongdoer cercle records 6
navigator a little astronomy gorgeous packaging, rare slowcore single noisebox 6
bill nelson eros arriving gatefold, w. haunting in my head, he and sleep were brothers and flesh mercury 4
new asia central proposition brilliant electronica sit 2 #2! situation 2 8
newman, colin inventory former and future wire frontman beggars banquet 6
new rhodes you've given me something that i can't give back numbered single (324/1000) b/w remix mosi moshi 6
new rhodes from the beginning fully autographed b/w you should know better mosi moshi 9
noisettes scratch your name b/w wind blows out universal 4
olympic world of pastelism hot wheels/3-stripe dynamite feedback olympics beautiful dye-cut sleeve domino 4
orange cake mix shades of blue limited, w. verna brock tinsletones 5
omd enola gay peter saville cover w/annex - gorgeous synthpop dindisc 5
omd live at the factory and henry's 4 live tracks included free with organisation, official RARE dindisc release dindisc 12
organ brother b/w love love love live session too pure 6
organ memorize the city b/w there is nothing i can do noize 6
out who is innocent? one of the greatest lost singles of the postpunk era on martin hannett's label rabid 8
pastels and jarvis cocker i picked a flower amazing pop song, limited and fabulous geographic 6
pavement gold soundz b/w kneeling bus, strings of nashville, exit theory matador 5
pavement rattled by la rush b/w false skorpion, easily fooled matador 5
penetration come into the open early pauline murray single virgin 5
piano magic music for annahbird early bad jazz single bad jazz 7
picasio play once and destroy genius limited yellow vinyl bootleg barry's bootlegs 6
(*)play dead shine cover wear, but great cover, and good goth single situation 2 7
(*)public image limited flower of romance early amazing creative pil, with a wobble track! (fold in the cover) virgin 4
rakes all too human b/w 22 grand job lethal bizzle/statik remix v2 6
rakes retreat out of print, b/w dark clouds moshi moshi 7
rakes strasbourg out of print, b/w just got paid and t-bone demo city rockers 8
rakes work, work, work out of print, b/w automaton v2 6
red chair fade away   candy floss 2
reindeer section you are my joy mogwai/arab strap/everyone in scotland collaboration/w demo track bright star 4
relaxed muscle the heavy 500 copy only, with jarvis cocker and the fat truckers! rough trade 10
rem fall on me/rotary ten back when they were GOOD irs 6
removal drugs and glamour featuring peaches irrelevant 6
retconned ? ? ? 2
rifles local boy fully autographed b/w acoustic version right hook 9
rifles peace & quiet w/ poster and b/w she's the only one (acoustic demo) red ink 6
rifles when i'm alone debut single, b/w holiday in the sun (demo) xtra mile 6
marc riley jumper clown in tape number 2! same label as asphalt ribbons in tape 5
the rogers sisters (les soeurs rogers) les fantaisies sont bien rare red vinyl single! troublemanunlimited 5
roland shanks cutting teeth cool, rare future indie heroes' single moshi moshi 5
royal family and the poor we love the moon limited picture disc b/w white stains factory 12
st. christopher radio france sessions ep incredibly cool shoegaze record slumberland 6
saturday people twilight story rare d.c. indie record brittle stars records 5
savage republic film noir/o adonis incredible hand-press, numbered, with fantastic printed insert ipr 8
scala tears/triptych limited single of sarah peacock's genius post-seefeel sex electronica project too pure 6
scala vdt/pain & pleasure limited single of sarah peacock's genius post-seefeel sex electronica project too pure 6
scheer demon/howling boy ultra rare 4ad promo (sheer 1) with 2 demos - they sound fantastic! 4ad 10
scritti politti the sweetedt girl b/w lions after slubmer rough trade germany 4
selfish cunt authority confrontation limited evidence bag b/w full swing hourseglue 10
selfish cunt britain is shit limited b/w fuck the poor/TD> hourseglue 12
pete shelley i donít know what it is limited with free 7" island 5
shout out louds hurry up let's go rare early die-cut single b/w but then again no bud fox 8
shout out louds very loud b/w wish i was dead (rare early single) bud fox 6
(x) shox no turning back the 4th record on 4ad, some bent sleeve 4ad 20
silo k2 b/w prime movers remixed by colin newman swim 6
sing-sing come sing me a song b/w mister darkness (unreleased bside) aerial 6
sing-sing panda eyes/office party limited colored vinyl with unreleased bside elephant 7
(*) siouxsie christine no sleeve - all her best work is on the bsides - b/w the astounding eve white eve black wonderland 5
(*) siouxsie hong kong garden no sleeve - all her best work is on the bsides - here it's voices wonderland 5
siouxsie staircase (mystery) rare single with t rex cover 20th century boy polydor 8
sisters of mercy anaconda fantastic drum machine early track - 1983! merciful 8
snowpony easy way down stereolab offshoot, 1094 of 2000 see no evil 5
snowpony the little girls understand rare rough trade singles club in super-elaborate packaging rough trade 7
soft cell what! b/w memorabilia sire 2
soft cell numbers/barriers rare some bizarre single some bizarre 4
(*)soft cell torch b/w insecure me, some cover folding some bizarre 4
some now are truth to tell/the heaviest gate RARE! peter hook production! 1983 autumn 6
sons of silence bobby dazzler from 'the acid house' leaf 4
south 2 (run on time/torriano) elaborate sleeve, ultra-limited wonderland 8
south 3 (south of me/beter things) elaborate sleeve, ultra-limited wonderland 8
spearmint we're going out brilliant single by lightning seeds-esque geniuses hitback 4
regina spektor your honor & the flowers great single from strokes collaborator, with kill kenada shoplifter 5
spirit world soul sold it/cheery cool single from atlanta stickfigure 4
state of play natural color pre-curve! virgin 10
stereolab 3-parter cool 3-part single from the new stereolab too pure 9
steward adam, marco and me great single, 3 songs, inserts rocket racer 5
steward last wasps of summer rare french single with remix orgasm 8
stiff kittens contempt   crisis 6
(x) richard strange the phenomenal rise of...   virgin 1
streets prangin' out featuring pete doherty, sealed, b/w deluded in my mind 679 6
david sylvian the ink in the well b/w weathered well instrumental virgin 5
david sylvian pulling punches w. 3 postcards and a bside virgin 7
talk talk such a shame b/w again a game, again - cut out on back pathe marconi/emi 4
(x) tears for fears everybody wants to rule the world jukebox copy mercury 1
tears lovers coloured vinyl b/w because you're worthless independiente 6
tears refugees clear vinyl b/w break away independiente 6
teenagers fuck nicole b/w remix summer lovers unlimited 6
telescopes winter ep b/w the perfect needle #4 hungry audio 6
television personalities all the young children on crack heavy vinyl b/w any love is good love domino 6
tendrils soaking red w. the world is softest gold hole 4
thievery corporation so com voce rare single, featuring bebel gilberto eighteenth street lounge music 6
third eye foundation universal cooler unbelievably good tripped out trip hop from former fsa member and all around genius planet 5
this mortal coil kangaroo gorgeous single, wtih unreleased track on bside! 4ad 10
tindersticks no more affairs brilliant single with instrumental this way up 6
tolouse checks and debit heavy vinyl!!! tinsletown 6
tourists don't say i told you so fabulously rare eurythmics precursor single w/ strange sky rca 8
tourists from the middle room eurythmics precursor b/w into the future, clear yellow vinyl rca 8
tourists the loneliest man in the world/don't get left behind incredibly rare eurythmics precursor picture disc rca 8
the tyde look back in anger/roadrunner limited edition for us single rough trade 7
ultra vivid scene something to eat/like in heaven totally rare demo 7" 4ad 20
underground lovers superstar/eastside stories rare, great single polydor 4
v/vm pig elaborate packaging, incredibly rare cut and splice v/vm recordings 8
v/vm groovemeat (why does it feel so sick)/i'm out of my mind on bacon rind spice girls and posh get slaughtered by those nice boys from stockport test records 6
split accelera deck/sybarite rare early release by pre-4ad band awkward silence 6
split amp/centipede 333/500 limited great single kake mix 5
split asphalt ribbons/life with patrick holy crap! it doesn't get rarer - "a time to go" lily 25
split bear/backwater great, limited che-esque release x-ten 5
split boyracer/sabine unspeakably rare wurlitzer jukebox debut flexi! wurlitzer jukebox 12
split the castaway stones/dearly great twee single from dc brittle stars 6
split class/metronome limited, terribly cute die cut sleeve, great single double agent 5
split destroyer/wye oak promo single merge 4
split enemymine/vaz olympia punk thin the herd 4
split flowchart/alphastone limited edition enraptured 7
split flowchart/smothered in hugs fantastic limited goofy electronica north of january 5
split fuxa/bright limited pink pvc bag carla 5
split the kitchen/radio vago follow up single from bis singer solution records 6
split the kitchen/selby tigers follow up single from the former bis singer wakusei records 6
split maaster gaiden/the points rare split single with good bands from texas and dc big action records 5
split magentophone/avrocar colored vinyl, another great pre-4ad band active suspension 6
split mall/flowchart colored vinyl, great first release by flowchart the blind organization 6
split metrotone/isan gorgeous songs from 1998! earworm 6
split orange cake mix/fuxa #427, super rare, some of ocm's best vocal/durutti work astro lanes 6
split paper chase/xiu xiu covers of nick cave stick figures 5
split pavement/medusa cyclone rare track, "dancing with the elders" third gear 5
split piano magic/matmos early split with pre-4ad band and bjork's collaborators lissy's 8
split postcard stamps no. 5 gorgeous pressing with envelope and fully autographed tree 5
split puff puff/metronome 4 song, limited as hell black bean and placenta 5
split saloon/sonic catering band rare split by great band glamourpuss 6
split silver apples/roy montgomery very early (1982) space rock in ptolemaic mag. series pot records 6
split silver apples/windy & carl rare, limited green vinyl rocket girl 6
split john spencer blues explosion/barry adamson new year/crime scene slut smalls 7
split teen anthems/punk boy we're indie shit/teenage riot, edition of 200, unreal sonic art union 10
various around the world with sticky records (tísticks, boyracer, etc.) rare picture disc sticky 10
various big-bollocked bonfire blow-up hood, fabric, joeyfat, ligament, wat tyler and emperor julian ka-boom! 6
various filthy little angels singles club ep three the fairies band and the vichy government filthy little angels 6
various gulliver whiskey 20 electroscope/windy and carl, in a big cardboard package, with inserts jonathon whiskey 8
various hayfever ep 6 rare with 2 hood tracks and more! hayfever 7
various infrasonic waves volume ii limited, w. magnetophone, salome, others ochre 6
various joe friday limited promo with licorice, kendra smith, red house painters 4ad 6
various rebound volume iii hood, guided by voices, to rococo rot and more! rebound 7
various slut smalls vol 8 limited single with andy votel and add n to (x) slut smalls 6
various the static caravan limited single with j. xaverre and le danger static caravan 6
vase no cowbells rare single from a movietone offshoot hand idiom and archipeligo 6
virgin prunes moment and mine/in the greylight/war spice girls and posh get slaughtered by those nice boys from stockport test records 6
wedding present nobody's twisting your arm astoundingly great frenetic jangle pop. bloody perfect reception 5
wheat don't i hold you great early single with dave fridmann and dave auchenbach city slang 6
white stripes lord, send me an angel/you're pretty good looking remix the darlings of the nme with an exclusive single sympathy 6
white stripes the big three killed my baby b/w red bowling ball ruth sympathy 10
wkgb non-stop/ultramarine rare early industrial on influential label fetish 6
wolf & cub thousand cuts/sprials fun dancepunk from australia - pre-4ad dot dash 6
the wombats let's dance to joy division numbered colored vinyl with live bsides 14th floor 6
xmal deutschland incubus succubus ii ultra-rare 7" version! 4ad 6
yello lost agin b/w base for alec stiff 5
the zutons pressure point b/w zutonkhamuun (extended mix) epic 4

why not check out the martin hannett page that i maintain with my friend anna?